• Eric Fuller

    Eric Fuller

    Consultant to the entertainment industry. Author: Forbes.com. Fan of travel, food, theater & music. Teller of Dad jokes. Eric@FullerFacts.com @ericsfuller

  • Bhanwar Saini

    Bhanwar Saini

    Data science enthusiastic

  • Asim Jaseem

    Asim Jaseem

    Physicist |Blogger| Technologist | Space Owner https://sciencehiddenfacts.quora.com/

  • Krasimir Bantchev

    Krasimir Bantchev

  • Luthfi Ramadhan

    Luthfi Ramadhan

    Computer Science Student at University of Indonesia. Reach me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/luthfi-ramadhan/

  • Suresh cherukuru

    Suresh cherukuru

    suresh cherukuru is seo analyst at Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies Pvt ltd

  • Andreas Maier

    Andreas Maier

    I do research in Machine Learning. My positions include being Prof @FAU_Germany, President @DataDonors, and Board Member for Science & Technology @TimeMachineEU

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