Sagittal plane slices of the brain from this source

Working with medical datasets sometimes sucks! When I started working on real-world datasets I was not aware of the lack of standardization in medical file formats.

Mistakably I thought, DICOM files are standardized and can be used much like .jpg or .png files. I expected to be able to just load them like any other kind of image. Oh how wrong that was.

For work, I was building a system that could place a surgical tool inside of a given CT volume. Then projection images can be generated while taking into…

At my university, there are two dining halls which serve food around noon. Their daily menu can be viewed online. Me and many of my friends check the menu on a daily basis, so I decided to automate the process and save some precious time.

Edit: This post documents the development of the Alexa skill “Mensa Spion”. Once its ready for public use, I will include an installation guide for interested members of FAU ;)

Voice Controlled Applications consist of two parts:

  • the voice controlled User Interface defines the interaction dialog between Alexa and the user. …

tensorflow 2 ships with keras on board! tf.keras

The Keras project’s aim was to create a simple programming interface for humans. The fact that tensorflow now includes a version of keras in its own library can be taken as evidence that this was a success.

This is a brief introductory guide to the Keras workflow and the three API styles for model design in particular. See this other post for a step-by-step tutorial.

The Keras workflow

In Keras, training a ML model should feel similar to using a sklearn classifier. The API provides methods to design, compile, fit and evaluate simple and complex machine learning architectures. The beauty of Keras arises…

Photo by Emile Perron on Unsplash

As a data science student, my coding style as changed a lot over the years. With this post I want to help you to write faster, cleaner and shorter code with the help of numpy.

Array indexing

.. can be used to select ranges, windows and samples from arrays. Indexing allows you to access and modify data stored in numpy arrays efficiently and get rid of complex for loops and if clauses. In numpy, there is basic and advanced indexing:

Arrays in numpy can be sliced and strided using basic indexing like known from python: data[start:end:step]. If you want to want to…

Max Rohleder

Data Analytics Student from Munich, Germany. Interested in web apps, machine learning systems and medical AI norms and regulations.

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